who is klz

“KLZ” are more than my initials. They’re a badge of honor earned on the CBOT trading floor; short for “kills”

Because that’s what we came to do … Fucking Kill It.



My initials keep me connected to the energy of my ancestors.

Louise representing my material grandmother and guiding me through our connection on the left/feminine side of my physical body. Although I never knew her on Earth, our relationship is one of flow, higher consciousness and collaboration.

Ziegler from my grandmother Mae, the only grandparent I had growing up. I still feel her farm-wife presence in the grounding energy of the land where she raised 6 kids.

She is with me in the practical rituals where we connect to sacred energy through daily tasks.



I earned that badge on the male dominated, eat what you kill, capitalistic trading floor. 

By learning to master my own masculine energy, conquering fear and insecurity, using calculative precision and strength, I learned how to use my voice to assert and command order within chaos. 

I was proud to stand shoulder to shoulder in this energy and it was a formative lesson in resilience, structure and power.



The sacred pairings of KLZ Method modalities, along with the intention of reconnecting to our most authentic self, brings us back to our true purpose

Celebrate the opportunity to shift 
  • energy blockages in the physical body into self guiding signals
  • mental programming into deep knowing and remembrance 
  • antiquated emotional patterns or hurts into fulfilling relationships with self and others 
  • spiritual disconnection from the oneness of the universe into wild expansion and opportunities



Shifting energy within the body using modalities based primarily on Boxing Training, Strength Training, HIIT Workouts, Spin and Yoga Sequencing

I’ve been in the weight room since I was 15. While I’ve never had a formal fight, I’ve sparred a few rounds with professional female boxers. I’ve taught over 500 hours of yoga classes and naturally 4am wake up times are in my DNA; especially if it’s to ascend a 14er in time for sunrise.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see how much of YOUR OWN POWER IS WAITING FOR YOU, PLEASE allow me introduce you. Your inner badass is DYING to come out and living life as the heroine of your own story can start NOW

Training with me isn’t focused on decreasing measurements or lack and restriction of calories. That’s not the kind of energy we’re aiming to build. I believe you will innately WANT to modify your own behaviors once you start burning calories with these massively effective modalities.

While manifesting physical changes is an empowering first step in up-leveling your energy, let me be clear, we don’t stop there and THE BODY IS JUST THE BY PRODUCT of what we’re constructing here.



Getting the body moving lights a fire that will naturally begin to shift the energy to the other elements of your new best friend. You know, the mental and emotional layers that make up the WHOLE you.

Harnessing this positive momentum to bring about more changes; we feel emboldened to cast out for how WE WANT our lives to look and feel. Guided journal prompts and story-telling offer a illumination and integration of our shadow side.

We can see clearly where we are being held back from designing our own life and we teach ourselves to dream again; reaching far beyond what we had previously thought was ‘enough.’

We literally rewire the brain by shifting our inner mantras from limitation to limitless.


This is where we tie it all together to become a master manifestor of our lives and a co-creator with the universe.

Through reiki, kundalini kriyas and nature we seek beyond the limitations of our physical dreams and lifetime 

and into our soul’s true purpose.

Why did you come to this body on this planet at this time? 

This question is key to is kicking off

 “authentic living” and activates a magical journey allowing guidance from the universe, your spirit guides and your ascended masters.