I'm Kathryn!

intuitively guided transformation coach

I’ve been in the weight room since I was 15. I’ve sparred with professional female boxers and was one of 3 women on the eat-what you-kill Chicago trading floor as a executing Broker.  

The arenas of fitness and corporate career have offered me a perfect outlet for my Aries/Generator fire energy to find the excitement and challenge I innately desired; but it also threatens burnout if not navigated correctly. 

Burnout has been my teacher, showing me a parallel journey. One that would lead me to a deeper relationship with the counterpart of of sacred masculine energy: the divine feminine.

Over the last 20 years I've curated a symbiotic relationship between worlds, bringing in balance & mastery with the intuitive and introspective elements of Forrest & Kundalini yoga; Reiki & sound bowl energy healing.. 

Developing this balance brought me to my life's purpose in sharing my own systematized approach to a world that over prioritizes action attitudes without fully recognizing the power of the pause.

To learn more about Kathryn: https://klzmethod.com/