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Psilocybin is a key element of the KLZ Method philosophy in its honed in ability to move through dense energy or blockages.

Often times we can process the ebb and flow of the reconnection to self process through the body.  When we utilize the physical modalities of KLZ Method held in the wisdom of the workouts, yoga, kundalini, breakthwork, mantra, mudra, etc we can consciously repattern ourselves holistically.

The innate guidance held in the body is unparalleled by any other technology created by humans.

The shifts that you are making are powerful and potent.

For that reason, there are times when the we come up against resistance that is deeply rooted in our DNA.  This can be from past lives, ancestral wounds (mother, father, sister or witch wounds).  They can also be something that is held in the collective energy that we are using our human form vessels to help shift for the entire planet.  

In these situations, psilocybin is a key support in reconnecting with the shadow side that may be reluctant to share more information around what is coming up.

Fungi is our ancestor; she holds us like a nurturing elder and guides us into exactly what we need. 

To go into this work is profound and should be mindfully supported as such.

I've made the process super simple

A super simple process to support this experience is a key element in feeling safe to go into the deep work.  Clear and organized pathways build trust and I find them to be especially essential in microdose coaching.

dial in 


Start at the top of the resources below with "KLZ Client Journey: Dial In." 

This guide will outline the entire dial in process and point you to the resources to support the next steps. 

KLZ Method videos


Some of my favorite support tools to open, clear and connect with the first 4 chakras. Grounding into the body initiates a strong anchor that will support going further into the higher realms.

microdose coaching

Coming soon. We're growing together ha.


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