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Hear from some of the woman who have directly benefited from KLZ Method 


My sister and I recently took a Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 class with KLZ and it was an amazing experience. Kathryn is a knowledgeable and experienced teacher who created a warm and welcoming learning environment. She was able to clearly explain the concepts of Reiki through her well designed course and material.

-Bianca Adolf



I was a part of Kathryn’s Lions gate microdose group and it was life changing. The curated content from the membership along with support of the journal and group in the energy of such a powerful season led to such a beautiful space to heal, clear, create and feel inspired. I felt so supported and seen. I really loved the having a safe place to share my experiences; feeling the power of oneness as we all shared various downloads and dreams that held messages for each other. So impactful to witness and be a part of.

-Angela Marquez

Founder: Move Your Mood


Kathryn’s coaching style, is so nurturing. She pays attention to what you need and is deeply connected to your energy so that she’s popping in at the exact moments you need her to and telling you exactly what you need to hear. She listens attentively and reads you- she's really in tune with your energies and I think that that's something that Kathryn has that’s super special. 

-Cassandra Adolf

Co Founder of Journey

Senior Vice President-Energy & Ag StoneX


Finally, a truly holistic physical experience! Kathryn's approach seamlessly blends masculine workouts with feminine chakra energy work. It's a powerful union that awakened my body and mind like never before. A rare gem that cherishes embodiment! 

-Anna Hagopian

Co Owner of Mera Bites

Founder of Anna Hagopian Healing


Kathryn recently supported my art series “Phenomena” with her tea ceremony offering and it was powerfully impactful. I had the sense that this series wanted feminine energy to support it as it ushered through and Kathryn created a safe and rich environment for Phenomena to flourish. Before this series I hadn’t channeled my art in this way and I was definitely grateful for the support to maintain grounded as the high frequencies pulled me in. Her support during continued after as I integrated the experience fully.

-Michael Damico

Artist, Entrepeneur


I have been looking for a physical experience that values embodiment my entire life. Kathryn combines the masculine aspects of work outs with the feminine aspects of energy work through the chakras. This powerful unification activated my body and mind in ways I haven’t felt in a long time.

-Morgan Fiore

Founder: House of Morgan


Kathryn's unique approach to physical workouts and energy work through chakras is a dream come true. Finally, a practice that honors embodiment! The fusion of masculine and feminine elements empowered my body and mind like never before. 

A truly transformative experience!

-Victoria Nielsen

Author of "Find Your Way Home" 


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