1:1 Work With KLZ

Type of Consultation

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Investment $444 (Member) / $555 (Nonmember)

Personalized KLZ Method 7-Day at home program from all streaming KLZ Method videos.  From HIIT, Boxing, Strength & Ab Workouts, to Breathing, Yoga, Kundalini, Meditations and Affirmations.  

We connect on a phone call to discuss your intentions and create an outlined program to support  you in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.


Investment $188(Member) / $222(Nonmember)

Virtual energy healing using channeled intuitive guidance with your team of light.  Clearing stagnant energy, mobilizing sluggish areas and grounding overactive centers this energy healing will leave you feeling grounded and deeply connected with your truth in your own body.

We schedule a time to connect virtually.  I message you three times during this session.  Once as I'm entering your energy field, again to scan, moving energy and finally to let you know that I have closed our connection.  I write notes about my observations and we connect on a phone call to discuss, answer questions and create a plan of action for how to continue supporting balance.


Investment: Full Payment of $3,300 or 3 payments of $1,200

Working with a coach to support your next evolution is the best way to invest in yourself.  Powerful shifts happen, sometimes immediately after signaling to the universe that you're serious and ready to begin. 

We meet on zoom call to discuss a project or place in your life that you'd like support.  A shift at work, in a relationship; with a mindset or on a new project or purpose. Connecting into your team of light, together we source guidance through a visualization and once back in the physical space, put the pieces together on a plan of action.  Telegram chats in between sessions offer a place to drop additional details on "homework," to ask questions or discern signs as they arrive. 

All consultations are non-refundable. Please refer to the Terms + Conditions.