30-Day Group Microdose Experience


Don't forget these...

Course prerequisite: none

This experience includes:

  • Telegram chat group
  • 3-60 minute (live virtual) group meetings including
    • Conscious intention setting
    • Mindful check in
    • Closing Ceremony
  • Resource Page
  • Intro to Microdosing (video)
  • 40-day kundalini kriya (video)
  • Guided Visualization (video)
  • KLZ Method Breathwork (video)
  • KLZ Method Affirmations (video)
  • KLZ Method Kundalini Kriya (video)
  • KLZ Method movement (video)
  • KLZ Method 30-day microdose journal

To go deeper after completing the 30-Day Group Microdose experience, please ask about the 90-Day Protocol as coaching or consultation.